How does this work?
skiplink.pw is an innovative service that allows you to earn money from each visitor to your shortened links. How this works is actually quite simple. First, you shorten your links with our site, and then you post them or send them to people as you usually would with any shortened link. We handle the rest by showing an ad before the shortened link loads. Each ad that is shown earns you money!


How much can I earn?
This all depends on how many people click on your links. Earning potential is limitless, and grows even furthur with our referral program which pays 10% of all of your referrals' earnings for skiplink.pw!


Will I get paid for every single visitor?
You get paid for every visitor that views an advert. If we do not have a matching advertiser for the visitor's country, your shortened link will always work - but a non paying default ad will be shown. The default ad is the skiplink.pw with your referral ID automatically assigned, so you could be referring skiplink.pw users without even knowing it.


How do I get paid?
Currently our methods of payment are PayPal. Your earnings are automatically paid out on Each twice a month for earnings higher than $3 . The minimum amount available for a withdrawal is 3 USD. If you do not reach 3 USD in any month, you balance is carried over to the next pay period. The wallet can transfer your account and provide you with payment on our system.


Will my shortened links ever expire?
Currently shortened links have no expiry date. This may change in the future but plenty of notice will be given.


What's the difference between impressions and clicks?
The amount of impressions specifies the amount of visitors who visit your links and view our ads. Clicking refers to the amount of clicks that enter your ad page and earn you by passing the ad.


Why are CPM rates low?
Our new system CPMs are different for each member. Our new system identifies CPMs based on traffic quality. We offer higher income to our submitting members for quality and unique purposes. CPM ratio. If your traffic qualities are good, your CPMs will be able to reach the highest values in the table you receive at publishing locations.